PS4 tips – Dualshock 4 pad set up, speaker volume & headphone guide

Want to change the DualShock 4‘s speaker volume or set up some normal headphones? Here are some PS4 tips to help you do just that and get the most out of your pad.

PS4 tips – Dualshock 4 set up, speaker & headphone guide

The settings can all be accessed by holding the pad’s PS button down and selecting ‘Adjust Devices’ from the options that come up. From there you can do the following:

  • Volume control (speaker for DualShock 4) – this lets you change the volume of the speaker built into the pad. Handy as it’s quite loud for some games.
  • Volume control (headphones) – this adjusts the volume output through the headset jack.
  • Output to headphones – you can change this between Chat Audio and All Audio.

The key thing with that last one is that if you insert a normal set of headphone and select the ‘All Audio’ options then you can use any headphones to play games.

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