PS4 tips: The Share button, videos & Facebook login guide

Here’s the first of a few PS4 guides and help. This one looks at editing video from your PlayStation 4 and sending it to Facebook using the PS4′s Share button. It’s pretty simple so whether you want to get ready for tomorrow or just see how it’s done – here you go.

PS4 guide: The Share button, videos & Facebook login

The Share button has a number of uses depending on how you press it and in what context. These are the defaults:

  • Short Press – open the share menu
  • Hold – take a screenshot

If you press the Share button while playing a game you’ll have the option to review and publish videos and pictures to either Facebook or Twitter, or stream to Twitch or Ustream. The Share function constantly records the last 15 minutes of gameplay but only logs this footage when you press the Share button.

When editing videos you can scroll through footage in a variety of increments, say 10 seconds or 1 minute, and then use the left trigger to select a start point and the right trigger to choose the end. Happy with your clip? Login into Facebook and show the world.

When you do log into Facebook you’ll be able to link it to your PSN account so that it uses your real name and profile picture. You’ll also be able to choose what information is posted to your feed and who can see see it. The info includes things like trophies won and game related stories. If you choose to publish you can set these to be visible to anyone, friends or just you.

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