PS4 guide: console, Dualshock & standby power settings tips

Probably the least exciting PlayStation 4 guide and the most useful if you want to get the best out of the PS4‘s standby mode, pad battery life & auto power off options. A few simple tweaks.

PS4 guide: console, Dualshock & standby power settings

Most of the options can be accessed in the Setting menu under Power Saving Settings where you can access the following:

  • Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off – the default here is 20 minutes for games and 4 hours for media so you might want to nudge that game setting up straight away.
  • Set Functions Available In Stand By Mode – here you can allow the PS4 to do several things in a low power mode. These include powering the USB ports to charge your pads overnight, connecting to the internet to download patches and updates, and allowing the PS4 to be turned on externally for Remote Play or to download things you buy with the PlayStation App.
  • Turn off DualShock 4 automatically – this sets the time you can leave your pad unused before it switches off.

There are two other options you can access by holding the PS button down on the pad. Specifically whether to turn the PS4 off completely or to enter stand by mode. The former’s recommended if you’re going to be pulling the plug at any point while the latter leaves you ready for downloads, charging and Remote Play.

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