PS4 is like a Doctor Who regeneration – we shed a self and inhabit a new one

PS4 console & menu

I was struck while moving house recently by the discovery of a PS2 memory card. I thought of the contents – a PES 5 master league, a Resi 4 save, a near-full collection of Burnout 3 cars. A series of lives, interrupted. I hadn’t said goodbye to any of this stuff – it was just left, in progress, in a box on a shelf.

PS4 is like a Doctor Who regeneration

The striking part was the realisation that this is about to happen again. Console shifts are like Doctor Who regenerations – we shed a self and inhabit a new one. In was so ready for PS4 I drew a scale pencil outline on the TV stand to save a space, but along with the thrill of embracing a brilliant future of new games and possibilities, it also brings with it the doomed-man’s lament: there’s so much more I wanted to do.

I never finished GTA 4. There was just… so much bowling. I never started Skyrim. I was waiting for the patch, but a man has needs. I always wanted to play Mass Effect, but I didn’t want to start with the sequel and then the three altogether looked too big. I always wanted to build something in LittleBigPlanet that didn’t look like a teleporter accident. I always wanted to understand what the hell was going on in Metal Gear.

Even more painful are the achievements I’ve had within reach, and let slip. I endured the hot lava learning curve of Dark Souls but still never finished it. I never grew the extra finger I needed to play Rock Band on expert without everyone booing. Dead Space is in my all-time top five and out of love I resolved to earn the Platinum trophy – but I’m frozen on 94%, needing a final playthrough on Impossible difficulty, which, the name should have alerted me, is quite tricky.

For the first time during a generational shift, it feels like our current machines will stay more relevant for longer. Indie games and HD remakes have shown that raw power is no longer the bottom line, and well-designed experiences endure. The bottom line is – I can’t stress enough just how welcome PS4 is in my house come, but I’m just as excited about how much more I have left to explore and enjoy on PS3.