Dark Souls 2 poster, GOTY 2013 & the best games of 2014: Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is in the shops now with a double sided Dark Souls 2 poster to threaten your room. There’s also an in-depth look at the game including interviews with co-directors Yui Tanimura and Tomohiro Shibuya. Plus, there’s all you need to know about 2014 on PlayStation.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

There’s huge look forward at the year ahead on both PS3 and PS4. We look at the big games heading your way this year, covering everything from The Witcher 3 to Destiny, Watch Dogs to inFamous Second Son and plenty more. There’s also a look over everything we know about Uncharted 4. Oh, you’ve heard of it have you?

As well as looking forward there’s also our GOTY 2013 feature which reveals the game you voted for as you bestest of the year. Amazingly it might not be what you expected it to be.

There’s also your most wanted PS4 return – the game you most want to see resurrected. And to clarify, it’s not Shenmue because the mag has to be printed by a certain deadline – at which point the votes picked out another, non-Shenmue, game. All those votes on Facebook happened after the magazine had been printed, making it very hard to count them. Sorry. We weren’t trying to cheat anything but we could simply only use the votes we had at the time.

Right now that’s cleared up : as well as great games past and present there’s also look at PS4′s record-breaking UK launch. We were there to see Sony make history while chatting to the hardcore that queued for hours to pick up a machine first. There were celebs, big numbers and a lot of people arguing over what they were going to play when they got home. What did you go for?

On top of all that there’s tons on the latest PlayStation games, classic gaming history, interviews with devs, opinions and only slightly more shouting than usual. It’s in the shops now. You can also subscribe for print of digital, grab a an interactive copy on Apple Newsstand (with a one month free trial) or read Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio.