Gran Turismo 6 1.02 update lets you earn more credits & adds Sebastian Vettel

Yesterdays Gran Turismo 6 patch adds an in-game money boost letting you earn more credits via a ‘Consecutive Login Bonus’, as well as an increase overall to credits earned in Career Mode. A new Red Bull Challenge also adds new cars and Formula 1′s Sebastian Vettel to “mentor players in the art of driving an authentic formula car”.

Gran Turismo 6 1.02 update lets you earn more credits

I’m guessing this will be the end to Gran Tusrimo 6′s 20 million credit earning glitch. Instead the login bonus increases how much you can earn for each consecutive day you log in, up to a maximum of 200%. The “Credits earned in Career Mode increased” appears to be just that with no information beyond the statement. There are also two seasonal events from December 20th to January 17th, and January 2nd to 30th that will also feature bonus credits

The Red Bull X Challenge adds Vettel as well the Red Bull Racing Kart and Red Bull X2014 Junior. Further cars, the Red Bull X2014 ‘Standard’ and ‘Fan’ version, are expected “at a later stage” along with a second phase of the challenge.

One last addition is the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 for anyone who took part in the GT Academy 2013 this year. It’s apparently the car used by Polyphony‘s own Yamauchi at the Nurburgring 24H race.

Thanks EU Blog.