7 essential Gran Turismo 6 tips – ace every race and send microtransactions packing with our expert knowledge


[Update: The arrival of patch 1.02 means the end of this handy bug. You might get one last spin at the money glitching wheel before you download it but all is not lost. The new Gran Turismo 6 patch increases credits earned overall and adds a few cash boosting special events. More importantly it adds a bonus of up to 200% for consecutive logins so - top tip - make a point of signing in everyday even if you aren't going to play to take advantage of this.]

Glitch yourself millions of free credits

As we’ve previously reported, there’s currently a credits glitch in Gran Turismo 6 that gives you 20,000,000 for free. Polyphony’s very likely to be working around the clock to fix it (especially considering how redundant it makes the microtransaction system), so get it while it’s hot. Here’s how:

1. Install the 1.01 update, which brings with it the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT concept car, and save the game once you’ve redeemed the car from the Vision GT menu.

2. Pop into Game Data Utility and delete the patch.

3. Reload the game, this time skipping the option to download the update.

4. Locate the Mercedes concept car in your garage, which will now show up as simply [2055], and sell it. The game tells you it’s sold forĀ 333,993,856 Cr., but unfortunately you’ll only get 19-20 million credits once the deal’s done. Only.

5. Blow your new fortune on 20,000 Honda FITs (optional).