Vita TV might be getting a Western release according to Sony email


A leaked email suggests Sony are considering adding PlayStation Mobile games to PS Vita TV. The important bit is that it’s an English mail to a Western developer, implying Sony might be bringing the machine to a US/UK market.

Vita TV might be getting a Western release

Vita TV is currently only available in Japan where it plays a range of Vita games (limited by its lack of touchscreen and motion controls) as well as accessing video content and PS4 Remote Play. There’s been no mention of a release outside of Japan but the leaked email suggests Sony are at least talking to Western developers about software, so it’s planning something.

The message says that, “As our continuous activities to improve our service, we are investigating to add PlayStation Vita TV as one of the target devices of PlayStation Mobile.” It then lists all the things you can’t do – no camera, no location function, no motion controller function, limited function of touch panel control – before asking if the dev has anything that might work on the machine.

It’s also interesting that the email mentions, “limited function of touch panel control” as previous lists of games and information mentioned no touchscreen at all. It might be that new software could use the PS4 DualShock’s touchpad.