The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

The best LBP movie & film levels

lbp titanic level10

Titanic Survival


Excellent use of Media Molecule’s impressive water effects here. You start on the bow of the ship, then make a mad dash to its stern as the front end slowly rises, breaking in half like in the movie. Whoever lasts longest wins. I’ll never let go, Sack. I’ll never let go.


lbp the nightmare before christmas level9

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween Town


This creator puts the PS Eye to good use, projecting the denizens of Tim Burton’s flick into the level wholesale. The gothic tone is captured well, too: there’s even a working guillotine.


lbp wizard of oz level8

LBP2 Wizard Of Oz And Free Prizes


How do you turn an epic like The Wizard Of Oz into a platformer? Easy. Think like Superboyclarke and make the Wicked Witch a mini-boss who hurls flames from a broomstick, and the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow friendly AI bots.


lbp ghostbusters level7



As an honorary Ghostbuster in this level, you drive the famous Ectomobile, poke through the haunted rooms of Sedgewick Hotel and, in the absence of a proton pack, use your Paintinator to vanquish evil spirits. The music alone makes this worth a play.


lbp charlie and the chocolate factory6

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory


Making a level out of the entire film would have been a mammoth undertaking. That’s why gary_WBAhas smartly chosen to recreate only a chunk of it, starting with the initial foray into the factory.


lbp russel crowe south park level5

Russell Crowe: Fightin’ Around The World


All together now: “He loves to act but he loves one thing more – fightin’ around the world!” An excellent homage to the chortlesome South Park bit, KelintEastwood’s mini-game nails the show’s 2D visuals and animation.


lbp star wars level4

Star Wars: Jedi Arts – Lightsaber Duels


Battle up to three mates or AI bots such as Darth Maul in pivotal locations from the films in this multiplayer masterpiece. Cheeky tip: holding all four shoulder buttons at the start of each bout gives you two lightsabers.


lbp toy story level3

Toy Story


All your favourites make it into this lovingly-crafted, Randy Newman-impressing level. There’s Buzz, Slinky Dog, Hamm, Mr Potato Head, and…what’s that? Woody’s massive! This is freaking us out. For extra authenticity, use Media Molecule’s Toy Story DLC.


lbp batman level2

Batman Returns!


The Joker’s being a tool again. In KrayzieMexy’s level, he’s bombed a fairground and unleashed loads of little electric spider bots everywhere. Follow Batman and Comish Gordon’s advice, rappel through the flames, and tell Joker to sort his life out.



Sack-A-Tron: The Adventures of SackFlynn


When SackFlynn gets sucked into a mysterious arcade machine, his life, conveniently, becomes a solid platformer. Jump over electrified floors, dodge neon sentries, and navigate the Light Bike maze back to reality.

Lbp tron level