The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

LBP’s best multiplayer levels

lbp golf level10

Mini Golf


This round of top-down mini golf is sedate if sampled alone, but a whole different story when you’ve got four balls in play at the same time. Birdie your way through nine increasingly devious holes in multiplayer for the optimal experience.


LBP formula 1 race level9

Formula 1 – Monza


Aided by thousands of birds-eye photos, Smacker_92 has painstakingly recreated F1’s legendary Monza track, corner for corner. Select from Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault to thrash up to three of your mates.


lbp basketball level8

Sacksket Ball


Like basketball, but 2D, and with 70% more things made out of sack. Bounce pads make it a pinch to get the dunk on your opponent, but don’t do anything mean like play keep-the-ball on top of the hoop (you totally could, though, as the court features no ref).


lbp multiplayer level7

A Daily Cup of Tea


According to its creator’s description, “Clumsy Victoria has dropped all of her sugar lumps! Catch them with your custom-made teacup, but don’t make any mistakes, or Victoria’s temper will shoot you to the stars!” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


lbp penguin level6

Penguin Turf War


This multiplayer snowball deathmatch seeks to crown the king of the South Pole. Select your character and arena, stack your power-ups (there are seeking snowballs, force fields and faster run speeds) and knock your opponent clean off the map.


lbp dance level5

Rio Dance Off


For those that can’t afford the plane ticket, wexfordian offers up to four players the chance to dance in the world-famous Rio Carnival. Choose from four characters and match the on-screen button-prompts to samba the day away. Dibs on the afro guy.


lbp olympics level4

London 2012 Olympic Games


With four-player action across five sports – featuring canoe racing, canoe slalom, diving, sprinting and hurdles – uchiwa33’s mini-game collection certainly wins the gold! [Shoots self with air rifle.]


lbp splinter cell level3

Splinter Cell Multiplayer


Splinter Cell’s much-loved Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode makes its (very copyright-infringing) LBP entry. Spies must hack data terminals, while Mercs must stop them. The former can shimmy up pipes, while the latter… well, have huge guns. Top, top stuff.


lbp hungry hippo level2

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Gaming dad Vdop originally made this for his kids, but the level took off on account of its amazingly close bearing to Hasbro’s original. And great news: like the game on which it’s based, it requires no skill whatsoever! Tip: press X to win.



SAS: Snipe & Seek [Outback]


It’s hide-and-seek with a high-powered rifle in KelintEastwood’s inventive asymmetrical face-off. One shot will do it, but you’ll need to be quick to beat the timer. Sackboy has excellent trigger discipline, as it turns it.

lbp sniper level