The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

The best LBP cutscene & music  levels


LBP rube goldberg level10

Cause And Effect 5


Double T’s ludicrously long Rube Goldberg machine keeps you guessing with increasingly ingenious deployments of weights, levers, pulleys and – at one point – some Super Mario Bob-ombs and a Portal gun. This is the Limbo of pointless contraptions.


LBP FPS level9

Massive Epic Raging Destruction


You don’t actually control the character in this short first-person-shooter film, but that’s a good move on Steve_Big_Guns’ part, giving players more time to marvel at the sublime visuals. The highlight is a helicopter gunfight.


LBP movie level8



Devastated by the mysterious murder of his beloved wife, Charles must discover her killer and fight to clear his name. At an impressive 50 minutes long (you’re given the option to choose chapters at the start), Figment even bagged a prestigious Sackinima award.


lbp nyan cat level7

Non-Stop Nyan Cat!


There is no playing to be done in Bagheadinc’s tribute to the cat with a Pop-Tart for a body – just ultra-catchy meowsings and the question: how long can you last? Because, like The Terminator, Nyan Cat will not stop, ever. Or at least until you are dead.


lbp piano level6

Little Big Piano


You won’t be playing Clocks by Coldplay on it any time soon, but Cloud87’s fully working piano is an achievement in itself. With both white and black keys, and a jetpack to make navigation easier, we’ve been coming over all Tom Hanks in Big.


lbp micheal jackson level5

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal


There’s a host of MJ videos out there in the LBP omniverse – from Earth Song to Thriller – but this Smooth Criminal tribute is one of the best, featuring the King Of Pop’s famous coin-into-jukebox toss and gravity-defying lean.


lbp portal level4

Portal – Still Alive


This is a triumph. We’re making a note here: “Huge success.” And that’s just the tune – Deaf_Elbow’s level itself looks lifted from an Aperture lab, right down to the Companion Cube. Not sure on the head-bobbing trollface army at the back, mind.


lbp holiday cutscene level3

SOL – A Sunset Silhouette


This relaxing series of orange-hued vistas is one of the most beautiful sights in all of LittleBigPlanet. Lovers holding hands on a beach; a mountain-set Chinese monastery; a camel standing before Egypt’s pyramids. Gorgeous work all round, basically.


lbp clip show level2

YOU’VE BEEN BUSTED! (A Movie Starring You)


Presented as a You’ve Been Framed!-style studio show, Kaiju_Kid brings us a montage of naughty Sackboys doing naughty things, such as stealing a tray of cookies from a bakery, or pushing a wheelchair-bound lady into traffic.



The Last Hero II


This ambitious 48-minute superhero flick follows the journey of Omega Man as he fights to save Symbol City from a destructive foe. Brilliantly, it even includes a short preamble where you line up for popcorn and take your seat in the theatre.

lbp the last hero 2 level