The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

The best LBP weird levels

lbp  dark souls level10

Dungeon Break


Another ‘how did they manage that?’ one, Tynz21’s Dark Souls-inspired 2D hack ’n’ slash sees you control a knight as he battles ghosts, demons and what appear to be leather-bondage-gear-wearing torture victims in dank corridors and caverns.


LBP island level9

Bora Bora Island

Water Sports


This creator hopes you enjoy your vacation to the island of Bora Bora, where you race jetskis, ride dolphins, surf waves, shoot hoops, scuba dive, play volleyball on white sands and parasail over the ocean.


lbp level  bathroom level8

Sackie In The House


The maker recreated their own house for this lovely little level, and uses the space in a number of interesting ways. You race rubber duckies in bathtubs, bounce on jets from leaking pipes, and even spawn from the bog. Nice.


LBP level Tempest level7

Gal-Axis – Tilt Based Survival


This one uses the DualShock’s Sixaxis functionality. Rather than flicking the sticks to move your ship around the hexagonal tube (Tempest was clearly a major inspiration here), you tilt the controller instead.


LBP pinball level6

Summer Pinball


Pinball wizards will feel right at home on Shweetdude’s electronic table. Scores buzz, lights flash and there’s even a miniature hang glider at one point. It’s so authentic you can almost smell the crusty Who fans queuing up behind you.


lbp slender level5

Slender – House


Slender. The very name strikes fear into those cool enough to be aware of the meme. It’s not his presence that scares in this first-person corridor-creep, but his absence – the fuzzy static and notes pinned to walls that read, “no, no, no”. Chilling.


lbp whale level4

Angry Whale Encounter


Let this be a lesson to us all. If you go whale hunting, an angry Jonas can (and will) burst from the ocean and chomp down on your boat – unless you harpoon it in the mouth and escape in a helicopter, as in CyriusTheVirus’ imaginative level.


lbp calculator3

Little Big Calculator


Built from 610 magnetic switches, 500 wires, 430 pistons and 70 emitters, Upsilandre’s fully functioning calculator is a perfect example to show friends just how versatile LBP is. Of course, if you just spend your time writing 80085 over and over, that’s your business.


lbp vietnam level2

Vietnam: FPS Advanced


A ‘Nam-themed carnival shoot-out. In this blaster you aim for both moving targets and cover-taking Sackbots to bag points. You can choose between a handgun and automatic rifle, and even peer down iron sights. It’s also playable solo or in co-op.



FreeFallin’ [3D Skydiving]


This needs to be seen to be believed. After discovering how to make Sackboy fall into the screen, Fotosynthesis1 puts the technique to good use in an ingenious skydiving mini-game, where the aim is to hurtle through a series of red and white hoops.

lbp parachute level