The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made – the most amazing things you’ve built

lbp nyan cat level

There’s a lot of stuff to be found in LittleBigPlanet so we’ve rounded up a few of the best levels out there – the creations and crafting that really stand out. We’ve separated these out into groups to make it easier to navigate. In no particular order here are the best game homages, weird levels, cutscenes, multiplayer games and tv/movie recreations.

The 50 best LittleBigPlanet levels ever made

If you want to find any then you can use Media Molecules level/user finder to dig them out and, if you’re signed into PSN, stack them up for later when you get back to your PS3. Some of this stuff amazing, a lot of it’s weird but all of it’s impressive.

First up:

The best LBP videogame homage levels

LBP dead space level10

Little Dead Space


It’s hard to be intimidated in a world that looks like a Blue Peter workshop, but user DarknessBear gives it a go with his scare-a-licious homage to Dead Space. Suit up, explore the USG Ishimura, and try not to pee your pants when a Necromorph bursts in.


lbp mirror's edge level

Runners Part 1


Echoing the stark style of cult classic Mirror’s Edge, Evolution7354’s level is a straight up time trial challenge in which players compete against the leaderboard to shave milliseconds off their scores. Very simple, yet highly effective.


lbp mario level8

Mario Land World 1-1 Game boy Graphics 1989


This play on Mario’s first Game Boy outing actually resembles the handheld’s grainy dot matrix display. Its creator has even modelled the thing itself – the face buttons and D-pad mirror your actions on the DualShock.


lbp motorstorm level7



Sony exclusives unite! Fanfair’s version of the off-road racer sees you select from truck, buggy, big rig, rally car or racing truck and get suitably muddied up. The best bit? Whoever manages to limp across the line gets to keep their vehicle.


lbp street fighter level6

Super LBP Fighter II Turbo


A QWOP take on Capcom’s beat-’em-up, here two wooden puppets throw awkward kicks and punches until one falls over. It has none of Street Fighter’s grace or fluidity, but that’s exactly what makes the experiment so endearing.


lbp plants vs zombies level5

Plants vs Zombots


We don’t know how Foggles managed to transport Popcap’s lawn-based tower defence into LBP, from groaning zombie to gormless potato, but we’re pretty sure it’s witchcraft. Complete it on hard for a special prize.


lbp bioshock level4

Little Big Bioshock


Watching a smiling Sackboy emerge from a bobbing Bathysphere after a Splicer questions, “Is it someone new?” is the best bit in this painstaking Bioshock nod, but winning Big Daddy and Vita-Chamber prizes for completing it aren’t too bad, either.


lbp mario kart level3

Mario Kart 2 – Star Cup!


It’s not a Sony franchise, but we can appreciate a good racer – and so generous is Thepred, he’s giving you four tracks to play with. Race with up to three friends on Peach Beach, Wario Stadium, Sherbet Land and Mario Circuit. We love the sacky Goombas.


lbp zelda level2

Classic Zelda 1-1


There are homages, and then there are straight-up replicas. Bluetonberry’s faultless recreation of The Legend Of Zelda’s first dungeon makes us think there must be a secret ‘copy and paste’ button that we’re somehow missing…



LBP Pac-Man


To call this a ‘level’ would be a disservice to its creator’s efforts. This is such a perfect recreation of Namco’s famous dot-gobbler, from those ‘wacca wacca’ sound effects to a spot-on death animation, you’ll think you’re playing the real thing.

lbp pac man level