PS4 Oculus Rift/VR headset patent includes ‘obstacle avoidance’ & measure brainwaves

That some sort of PS4 Oculus Rift VR headset is on the way is almost a given with mounting rumours and gossip. Now a Sony patent has shed more on the system’s “obstacle avoidance” systems and biofeedback, including reading your brainwaves.

PS4 Oculus Rift/VR patent includes ‘obstacle avoidance’

The main part of the filing covers an obstacle avoidance system designed to stop you walking into things or sweeping that cup of tea off the table while flailing. It goes about this by “replacing the detected obstacle with a virtual object; and generating the virtual object within a virtual space displayed on the head mounted display”.

TL;DR version – it sticks stuff in the game to represent things you might hit in the real world.

The main examples seem to be walls but there’s mention that “the user may knock something off a desk when stretching a hand or moving the user’s body during gameplay”. The patent outlines that “positional information of the user can be measured using a position sensor”, The design also shows a front facing camera on the headset although perhaps most interestingly the unit can use “biological information”. The parameters it specifies are “body temp, pulse, blood components, perspiration, brainwaves and cerebral blood flow”, as well as “line of sight,  pupil movement, blinking”.

The “blood components” bit is slightly worrying but the “brainwaves” mention is extremely interesting considering experimental games and a few toys already use similar tech. Imagine triggering telekinetic powers in-game with your actual brain. Mind literally blown.

Patent, thanks Pushsqaure