Minecraft on PS3 Wednesday 18th with skins & texture packs on PSN “soon after”

Nothing like a surprise for Christmas. Mojang has just announced that Minecraft will be releasing on PS3 on the 18th. That’s only version mentioned: the PS Vita and PS4 versions don’t have release dates yet.

Minecraft releasing on PS3 tomorrow

According to Mojang, “Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will be available to download from PlayStation Store from this Wednesday, 18th December. Minecraft: PS4 Edition and Minecraft: PS Vita Edition are also being developed but we don’t have release dates yet. Expect more news in the New Year”.

There’s also this Q&A to round off any queries:

Does Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition feature everything from the other versions of Minecraft?
Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They’re pretty-much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on.

Will Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition feature DLC texture packs and skins?
Downloadable skins and texture packs will be available from PlayStation Store soon after release.

Will there be Sony-specific content?
Sony-specific skins and texture packs would be cool! Fingers crossed, eh?

Will Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition feature Remote Play/compatibility with the Vita/PS4 editions?
We don’t know yet, sorry. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Does Herobrine feature in Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition?
Probably not.

Thanks EU Blog.