GTA Online gets content creator, jobs update now. Heists & GTA 5 story DLC due 2014

GTA online creator mode & GTA 5 story DLC

Rockstar has announced its GTA Online content creator mode is due pretty much any time this week. It’s also releasing a new Capture mode and confirmed multiplayer heists will be coming in 2014. There’s also going to be some “substantial” GTA 5 story DLC next year.

GTA Online content creator this week, heists & GTA 5 DLC 2014

The deathmatch & race creators beta is due almost any time time now and lets you create your own versions of the following online modes:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Race
  • GTA Race
  • Rally Race

According to Rockstar the new mode will give you “access to some of the same tools as our own game design and development team”. The new content created can be published via the Rockstar Games Social Club and those deemed worthy will get the label “Rockstar Verified Job”.

GTA online creator mode & GTA 5 story DLCThe new capture mode is described as “a proper GTA twist on classic capture the flag”. That, along with a jobs update, is due this month. Here’s Rockstar’s description of how it works:

“Up to four squads battle to steal contraband, trucks, buses or whatever from opponents’ bases using high-speed vehicles, explosive weaponry and cunning teamwork. Craft, cooperation and team tactics are key. The free Capture update will bring a host of new jobs to GTA Online, accessible via the open world and also directly through your phone. Capture is broken down into four variations – ‘Raid’, ‘Contend’, ‘Hold’ and ‘GTA’ – we will give you full details on each of these next week

Finally Online Heists and GTA 5 story DLC is simply announced as “Coming in 2014″. The co-op heists are “currently in development” with Rockstar claiming it’s working to “to get them as polished and as fun as they can be”. The GTA 5 Story DLC simply promises to “continue Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas”. The new content has been described as “substantial”.

Thanks Rockstar.