First Alien: isolation images confirm female star & suggest original film setting

Two images for Sega & Creative Assembly‘s Alien: Isolation game have apparently appeared confirming a female star – the rumour being that it’s Amanda, Ripley’s daughter. The space suit also suggests it’s staying with the original film as an influence this time.

Alien: isolation images: female star & original film setting

Interestingly much of the rumoured info suggests a more stealth-based game with only a single alien being mentioned. Instead adversaries include soldiers and clones although oddly there’s been no talk of synthetics yet. Encouragingly Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored have also been thrown around as influences, as has talk of melee weapons suggesting less of a mindless blaster and something more suspenseful. The second image is presumably the ship/location. We shall see.

Alien isolation

Source: NeoGAF, thanks Kotaku.