Gran Turismo 6′s Jaguar XJ13 will cost £120 in microtransactions [spit-take]

Gran Turismo 6 Jaguar XJ13

Well, that is a lot isn’t it? Gran Turismo 6′s microtransactions have been covered before. They’re a way of buying credits to unlock cars instead of earning them through game progress. Now a price has been put on it: £120 for a Jaguar XJ13. You heard.

Gran Turismo 6′s Jaguar XJ13 costs £120 in microtransactions

The cost of the car in-game is 20 million credits. The cost of the credit packs are £3.99 for 500,000, £7.99 for 1 Million, £15.99 for 2,500,000 and £39.99 for 7 Million. So, if you want to unlock the Jag with actual cash you’ll need two 7 million credit packs, two 2.5 million packs and a pack of 1 million credits to round things off. A grand total of £119.95. Or you could just drive a lot in the game. I’m going with the latter.

A Sony spokesperson has said that the transactions are “not required” and that the game will “not penalize players for not making transactions. It is completely optional”. Apparently while you can spend money it’s not “prompted in the in-game experience at all”. The traditional unlocking system will still apparently be in place. The last word from Sony: “We do not require players to purchase or use purchased in-game currency to experience or progress through the complete game.”

Thanks Eurogamer, CVG.