Blacklight Retribution releases on PS4 in the UK today – free-to-play shooter doesn’t need PS Plus

Free-to-play shooter Blacklight Retribution arrives on PS4 in the UK today having just missed out on the launch. If you’re not a PS Plus member and like multiplayer then this is your game as its FTP status means you don’t have to pay for online services.

Blacklight Retribution on PS4 today – free-to-play shooter

It joins the space ninja-ing Warframe, super hero MMO DC Universe Online and the plane shooter War Thunder in the UK as free-to-play titles that skip the PS Plus’ requirement to pay for multiplayer – the argument obviously being that they can’t be free-to-play if they need a subscription to access. There’s also Space FPS Planetside 2 due for PlayStation 4 but that’s a way off yet.

Thanks Eurogamer.