PS3 Platinum Club: Hotline Miami tips – stealing trophies as well as lives

Hotline Miami PS3 Vita

Once again we’re having memory problems: all we know this time is that the ‘80s are drawing to a close and a series of mysterious phone calls are sending us on a murderous rampage. Just remember to patch Hotline Miami before starting – the original version is plagued with a few trophy-kiboshing glitches.

PS3 Platinum Club: Hotline Miami trophy tips

With that taken care of, your first task is to punch, swing and shoot your way through all 20 chapters and beat the epilogue. This unlocks most of the available masks, as long as you achieve decent scores, but a few need to be picked up on certain chapters, so keep an eye out. For the final mask you also need to solve a puzzle, which is an element of the game that’s easy to completely miss if you aren’t aware of it.

mr Trophy iain wilsonIn each of the first 16 chapters there’s a tiny glowing square that unlocks a letter when picked up, and finding all of them gives you Eye For Details. You can then access the puzzle from the pause menu and rearrange the letters to spell out IWASBORNINTHEUSA, unlocking the Springsteen-inspired award The Boss and allowing you to receive the final mask from the epilogue by using this password on the computer. With all facial adornments collected you’ll receive Zoo Keeper, and using each one at least once gives you the Sounds Of Animals Fighting gong (if you don’t like a particular mask’s enhancement you can just immediately restart the level).

Next, it’s time to mop up some of the challenges, and if you haven’t already managed to rack up a 12x combo for Combo King then the bonus level Exposed features a great open area in which to do so. To get Knife For Pros and Always On Top you need to perform every melee attack and ground kill, but some of these involve unique weapons that only appear in a single level, so make sure you don’t miss them when completing the set.

The last hurdle to leap over is Get A Life, which is by far the toughest in the game as you have to get an A+ score on every chapter. To boost your tally you should wear the Zack mask, as it gives you a longer combo window to chain kills together, and aim to execute as many enemies as possible for extra points.

It could take anywhere from ten to 20-plus
hours to wrap all the accolades up

With that out of the way, as long as you’ve killed 1,989 enemies and died 1,000 times in the process (both very likely) then the appropriately named Trophy Addict will be yours. As getting A+ scores is highly dependent on fast reactions as well as a slice of luck, it could take anywhere from ten to 20-plus hours to wrap all the accolades up, but the prize is a satisfyingly hardcore platinum pot to add to your cabinet.