Essential PS4 set up guide – tips & tricks for your PlayStation 4


Change the PS4′s power settings

Found in: Settings/Power Saving Settings

The first thing you’re likely to notice is that your PS4 will switch off after 20 minutes if you leave a game unattended, so you’ll probably want to fix that. Go into Settings and Power Saving Settings where you can ‘Set Time Until PS4 Turns Off’ for games, media and your DualShock 4. You can also ‘Set Functions Available in Standby Mode’ to decide whether to power the USB ports and charge your pad while you’re away, connect to the internet (to download updates remotely) or to switch on your PlayStation 4 from a network – vital if you want to use Remote Play without touching your console – and indicated by a pulsing orange light. You can also chose a couple of options from the DualShock 4: hold the PS button down and you can decide to turn off the PS4 completely or put it in standby. If you want to turn everything off fully from standby without having to turn it on first then hold down the power button until it bleeps.

Essential PS4 set up guide – tips & tricks

  1. Change the PS4′s power settings
  2. Activate your home console as a ‘Primary PS4
  3. Log into Facebook & use your real name on PS4
  4. Turn the PS4′s Dualshock 4 speaker down
  5. Log in to PS4 with your Face
  6. Voice commands – tell PS4 what to do
  7. Set up a second screen for easier typing on PS4
  8. Set your TV & PS4 up perfectly
  9. Improve security on your PS4: set a password
  10. Do not disturb – change your PS4 notifications
  11. PS Plus isn’t the only way to save saves on PS4
  12. See where all your PS4 memory’s gone
  13. Flip the PS4′s Share controls around
  14. Make PS4 video walkthroughs
  15. Get PS4 Streaming set up properly