The Witness teasing Oculus Rift VR support on PS4. “What could it mean??” asks Blow

A couple of images have popped up on The Witness‘ blog suggesting some sort of virtual reality or Oculus Rift support for PS4. Creator Jonathan Blow posted the shots with the header, “What could it mean??”

The Witness teasing Oculus Rift VR support on PS4

Furthering the chances that this is some sort of VR/Oculus Rift thing, the images are simply labelled ‘VR1′ and ‘VR2′, although it is worth pointing out that the usual Oculus images have a heavy fish eye effect that’s absent here. There are plenty of rumours to suggest Sony are to reveal an Oculus Rift style VR headset for PS4 however, something that was initially tipped to happen both at Gamecom and the Tokyo Game Show. Previously there was talk that Sony had yet to decide if it was, “a key differentiator for the console or a non-essential add-on”.

Something I’ve only recently realised from looking at an Oculus Rift headset is that the single screen inside is about the same size as a PS Vita. I’m just going to leave that there.