The Order: 1886 getting an Autumn release date according to Sony & Ready At Dawn

the order 1886

Looks like The Order: 1886 is heading for an Autumn 2014 release date according to a couple innocent looking tweets between Sony Santa Monica‘s director of technology and Ready At Dawn‘s founder.

The Order: 1886 getting an Autumn release date

The tweets are part of an exchange between Santa Monica’s director of technology, Tim Moss and Andrea Pessino, the founder and CTO of Ready At Dawn Studios. The conversation started talking about the PS4 launch before this:


So unless Ready At Dawn has something else going on with the platform it looks like the two of them just pinned The Order down to an Autumn/Winter slot next year. You can see what all the fuss is about with these The Order: 1886 screens here, or get a look at The Order: 1886′s impressive PS4 tech.

Thanks VG247.