PS4′s PSN game prices will be “adjusted in preparation for launch” say Sony

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[Here's final confirmation of PS4 day one UK launch games, PSN prices & apps.]

There were more than a few spit takes when people got their first look at PS4′s UK download game prices. Sony has now announced that these aren’t final and costs will change before launch.

PS4′s PSN game prices will be “adjusted for launch” say Sony

EA has already lowered the eye watering £62.99 prices of FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4 by a barely worth it £3. Now Sony has issued a statement saying, “nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store”, suggesting there’s some last minute tweaks on the way. How much remains to be seen.

Sony say, “We have switched on the European PSN early to test and make sure that features and functionality are fully operational for launch”, which why the press and those with consoles early have been able to see the prices. It then adds, “However, as PS4 and PSN have not yet officially launched in this region, nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store. You will continue to see some prices adjusted over the next few days in preparation for launch on Friday.”

Hopefully the adjustments will make the games affordable, especially after Sony said PS4 game prices would be similar to PS3.

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