Sony Santa Monica working on “unannounced” open world game

Sony Santa Monica currently has a job listing for a, “Sr Level Designer” with experience in “open world level design”. The information points to something on PS4 with a free-roaming feel, mentioning terms like, “ambient gameplay” and side missions.

Sony Santa Monica working on open world game

You can see the bullet point list of required skills below. I’m reliably informed that “level warping” refers to the practice of joining two separate level areas so as to appear seamless, again trying in to the open world aspect.

We know that God Of War 2′s director Cory Barlog is back at Santa Monica and apparently working on something “freaking huge”. The studio has also announced that the God Of War Ascension team has “transitioned to other projects”. So I’m just going to say it: open world God Of War.

  • open world level design
  • ambient gameplay and side missions
  • navigation/platforming challenges
  • building 3D environments
  • modeling and texturing
  • designing and implementing fun/challenging AI layouts
  • scripting entities
  • placing rough cameras, including animated and entity-triggered cameras
  • sound implementation
  • level warping and gameflow
  • cinematic placement and triggering

Thanks AGB, original job post.