PS4 troubleshooting – blinking blue light & HDMI port issues & fixes explained

[Update: get a full list of what PS4 error codes mean, and fixes, here.]

While Sony are keen to downplay broken PS4s, saying the numbers are “very small”, there are some issues involving a blinking blue light as the machine fails to power up and a few bent HDMI ports currently making the news.

PS4 troubleshooting & fixes – blinking blue light & HDMI ports

Bent HDMI ports caused a few non-functioning PlayStation 4s pre-launch. The issue seeming to be a deformed metal surround on the socket forcing HDMI plugs to sit badly in the housing and displacing the wires needed to connect to your TV. Reports say that simply bending the misshapen metal back in place will fix the PS4 but affected HDMI leads will be permanently damaged, so check those ports before you plug anything in.

The other issue is indicated by a blinking blue light. The PS4 should show this to indicate it’s powering up before a white light then appears to show it’s on. In some cases PlayStation 4′s have been stuck in the blinking blue phase with no TV output.

Sony has release a guide on the US forum to deal with the issue citing the following causes:  TV compatibility or issues with the PS4′s power supply, hard drive or ‘other PS4 hardware’. The main fix at the moment is to completely power down the PS4 by holding the power button until it bleeps and unplugging the unit. Sony also recommended checking the PlayStation 4 for any obvious damage, including looking at the hard drive to make sure it’s correctly fitted into place.

It also provides a guide on how to start the PS4 in safe mode which access a few more trouble shooting options. If none of that works Sony has provided a US helpline and are asking people for information to help investigate requesting issue symptoms, TV brand and model, retailer PS4 was purchased from and troubleshooting steps tried.

Before anyone panics too much Sony say the number of defaults are small and considering it just sold a over million PS4′s in 24 hours this doesn’t sound like the end of the world. Although it’s understandable that those affected are quite upset. Here are some soothing words from Shu in case you’re getting worried.


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