New inFamous: Second Son release date is March 21st. New gameplay video looks hella fun

Five minutes of new inFamous Second Son gameplay’s appeared online along with a new trailer fixing the release date as March 21st. The action sees Delsin get caught at a DUP checkpoint. Obviously he takes out the anti-conduit force in a fizzy display of super powers and PS4 particle effects. Want.

New inFamous: Second Son gameplay looks like fun

While it’s not lined up for launch inFamous: Second Son is currently heading for a March 21st release date according to the trailer below (which also shows off the new neon speed powers). An online retailer recently listed an inFamous PS4 bundle and while the February date doesn’t tally the art looks legit. I’m looking forward to this. It might look like the same game again but the smoothness, speed and freedom just look like such a blast.