Where are the Rorke files in Call Of Duty: Ghosts? Find them all with this guide

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Scouring every nook and cranny in Call Of Duty: Ghosts for those annoying bloody Rorke files you need to earn the Audiophile trophy? Well, scour no more. Here’s a list of all 18 of the blighters, and where to bag them. Collectibles, eh?

Call Of Duty: Ghosts – find all the Rorke file locations

Ghost Stories – Rorke File 1

After Hesh and Logan escape their own house to find their father. Hesh will yell out “through that house.” The Rorke File is on the floor inside the house as you pass through it.

Brave New World – Rorke File 2

During the cut scene with your father. He’s talking about how you are all he has left in the world. The Rorke File is on a table in the center of the room.

No Man’s Land – Rorke File 3

It’s inside a grey trailer during the mission. Around the same time there will be a warning over the radio talking about large enemy movements in the area. The Rorke File is sitting on a desk inside the trailer.

Struck Down – Rorke File 4

After breaching the door to the locker room. Take down all the opposition inside. Afterwards you can find the Rorke File on the left side of the room in one of the lockers.

Homecoming – Rorke File 5

At the beginning of the mission, just before you take control of the machine gun during the beach assault. It’s in a room at the bottom of the stairs.

Legends Never Die – Rorke File 6

After you’re separated from your squad by the flood. Just after you follow Rorke across the broken bridge. Just around the corner on the left where you take down the Federation soldiers.