Italian retailer lists inFamous: Second Son PS4 bundle, on sale February 7th


A PS4 bundle containing inFamous: Second Son has popped up on Italian retailer’s store page, with a release ETA of February 7th. If that’s accurate, it’s the first time Sucker Punch Production’s superpowered next-gen game has been pinned down to a firm release date.

Retailer lists inFamous: Second Son PS4 bundle

These store listings are far from gospel, but that February release date is at least in line with the ETA Sucker Punch announced earlier this year, before the game quietly slipped to April.

The real question is: will this bundle give you inFamous: Second Son’s pre-order bonus in-game jackets? We’ll play with a vast array of sleeveless denim, or not at all, thankyouverymuch.

Thanks, CVG.