PS4 disc installs get you playing within “tens of seconds”, says Cerny

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PS4′s lead architect Mark Cerny has explained how disc installs work on Sony’s next-gen hardware, and just how on earth you can be in the game, playing the damn thing, within just seconds of bunging the disc in the Blu-Ray drive.

PS4 disc installs get you playing within “tens of seconds”, says Cerny

It all comes down to caching the game data from the Blu-Ray drive to the console’s 500GB internal hard disk as quickly as possible, says Cerny. However speedy the Blu-Ray drive is (around three times quicker than the PS3′s physical drive), its read/write speeds can’t compete with internal storage.

The downside to this is that PS4 games require huge chunks of that 500GB drive to install: by current-gen standards, Knack‘s 37GB install is preposterous. The considerable upside is that each game installation process is designed to prioritise the files you need to start playing. In Knack’s case, Cerny affirms it takes just “tens of seconds” before you’re in the game. Timing will vary from game to game, obviously.

You can read this in-depth explanation of Cerny’s PS4 PlayGo background downloading and installation, too. Why the heck not, eh? Our own Leon Hurley interview the man who made PS4 recently, and they nattered about everything from Crash Bandicoot to Knack and a full-on tech geek-out. Read the full Mark Cerny on building PS4 interview here.

Thanks, Kotaku.