New inFamous: Second Son screens showcase Delsin’s powers and future-Seattle.

Delsin’s up to his old tricks in this fresh batch of inFamous: Second Son PS4 screens from Sucker Punch. Old tricks in this case being an impressive array of melee and projectile super powers that just happen to be a great way of showing off the lighting effects and all-round loveliness of PS4. It’s almost like… some kind of conspiracy. Like they’re watching us on CCTV all the time, and tapping our phones, and… alright, let’s just look at the pretty pictures.

inFamous: Second Son PS4 screens

The pick of the abilities on show here is surely neon, which the rogueish Rowe employs by sucking the power out of actual neon signs and discharging it on his soon-to-be-frazzled adversaries (watch it in action in this inFamous: Second Son PS4 gameplay video). As dramatic a visual spectacle as we’ve seen on PS4 so far.

We caught up with inFamous: Second Son’s game director Nate Fox to chat about bringing a real-world city to live as an open-world playground, creating a superhero who isn’t built like a lorry for a change, and more, and you can read it in the January issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

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