Sony extends PSN friends limit from 100 to 2000

Socialites, friend hoarders and those with preposterously extended family will be delighted by the news that the PSN now supports friends lists with numbers of up to 2000. You won’t be able to go beyond the 100-person limit on the PS3′s XMB, but you can already use your PS Vita to curate a who’s who of people you play games with now and then.

PSN friends limit increases from 100 to 2000

If you do add over 100 friends via the Vita, your PS3 will filter by friends who are active at that particular time, to get around the 100-person limit. Naturally once you make the switch to PS4, you’ll be able to peruse your thousands-long buddy list at your own leisure.

The news broke via the PlayStation EU community page, to rapturous cheers and less audible crippling social anxiety (having an eight-strong friends list is still fine, yeah?).

(Photo: James Cridland via Flickr)