New Tearaway trailer explains community site, is heavy on beards

In case you forgot in the midst of all this PS4 kerfuffle, Tearaway‘s nearly here. Everything we’ve seen and played so far suggests it’s been more than worth the wait, and deserves a blip on your radar even among the next-gen Killzones and Assassin’s. Here’s a new trailer that explains the community site which encourages you to make real papercraft models of Tearaways crinkly inhabitants. Be warned: there’s more facial hair in this video than at a fire sale on vests in a northeast London thrift shop.

Tearaway PS Vita trailer

Both Leon and I have waxed lyrical about Tearaway’s brilliance after having a bit of very literal hands-on time with it. You can read my Tearaway first hands-on PS Vita preview here, then get right up to date with Leon’s equally positive Tearaway PS Vita preview here.