Mercenary Kings gets PS4 Winter release date – includes “300 gun parts to mix and match”

Mercenary Kings has confirmed a Winter release date on PS4. I already had it down for then anyway but at least there are new screens and info. The Contra style shooter has been compared to Borderlands thanks to a crazy gun crafting system built around 300 combinable parts.

Mercenary Kings gets PS4 Winter release date

Yannick Belzil from developer Tribute Games says there are, “more than 300 gun parts to mix and match’. Adding, “You could enhance your weapon’s magazine capacity, or forge an elemental blade that can freeze your enemy. Make your mercenary invulnerable to the enemy’s toxic weapons, or use an ingredient you’ve found to boost your mission skills. It’s a pretty comprehensive customization system that should appeal to the RPG fan in you. Will you sacrifice accuracy for damage, or craft a smaller blade to be lighter on your feet? Or will you just build a weird, toilet-shaped rifle? (There’s also a cat-cannon and a fish-shaped knife!)

The game features 100 plus missions and there’s also co-op Belzil says, “while it’s still early for us to talk about it, the connectivity possibilities between PS4 and Vita are quite exciting for further multiplayer mayhem.

Check out the site for more. Thanks EU Blog.