Naughty Dog says PS4 will let it, “do things we’ve been talking about for some time”, has, “no plans on Vita”

Naughty Dog’s Justin Richmond and Robert Cogburn, Uncharted 3‘s game director and lead multiplayer designer respectively, took to Reddit at the weekend to talk PS4, Savage Starlight and PS Vita.

Naughty Dog on PS4, Savage Starlight & PS Vita

By Cogburn’s reckoning, “the PS4 is awesome”, adding, “it gives us the chance to do a lot of things we’ve been talking about for some time. You’ll be in awe when you play it”. Although when directly asked about What Naughty Dog might be up to he only replied, “If I said anything about what we’re doing right now it wouldn’t be exciting”. It’s worth noting that Naughty Dog recently took delivery of 120 additional PS4 debugs so, you know, something’s a foot.

When asked about the possibility of a game set in space (in light of the Savage Starlight comic collectable in The Last Of Us being a rumoured hint for a new game), Richmond teased, “If only the Starlight wasn’t so Savage…”. Although bearing in mind the tweet below from Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra it’s probably best to forget about Drake In Space.


Richmond continued, saying, “We will continue to make the games that we want to play. For now that is character based, narrative driven games,” although he did add the caveat that it, “could change in the future”. One thing he was clear on was that Naughty Dog has, “no plans to develop on Vita at this moment”.