PS4 won’t let you upgrade sub-accounts to master accounts or rename your PSN ID

Sony have released a huge PS4 FAQ covering just about everything you could want to know. Something a lot of you have ask about is upgrading your sub-account and changing your PSN ID. The answer in both cases is unfortunatey no.

No sub-account to master account upgrade on PS4

You can see the full answers below. As far as sub-accounts go, Sony simply state ‘no’ and apologise. At least with the PSN ID you can choose to use your real name although you’ll always be stuck with Killz0r84 or what ever you thiught was cool at the time. Here’s the official word:

Is there a way to rename my Online ID on PS4?

No. But PS4 does give you the option of allowing your friends to see your real name in addition to your Online ID. You can also choose to import your Facebook photo to be used as your PSN profile picture if you wish.

Does PS4 offer sub-accounts? How do they work?

Yes. They work exactly the way they do on PS3.

Can my child’s PS3 sub-account be changed to a master account on PS4 once they are past the age of 18?

Unfortunately, no. In this case, we would advise creating a new master account. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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