Killzone Shadow Fall co-op, DLC & multiplayer support outlined: “We’ve got a team ready for the next 18 months”

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 screens

Killzone Shadow Fall‘s lead designer Eric Boltjes has outlined ‘ multiplayer plans, post release, on PS4. Not only has the studio got a full team ready to monitor and customise the online experience for the next 18 months, (“to provide content & full-on support”) but there’s also a co-op mode on the way that he promises will “make the game larger”.

Killzone Shadow Fall co-op, DLC & online support outlined

Leon Hurley: A big part of the online experience revolves around user generated content. What’s the width of scope possible? Is it just going to be variations on death matches?

Eric Boltjes: The basic sense is changing the ingredients that we have. So which missions, which maps, which abilities, which weapons – that’s all there. But then, what we want to when we launch, is listen to the community and go, like, ‘what kind of Warzones do you want to create that you can’t right now and why not? Okay, well we want to set specific options, we want to change this or we want to turn off other stuff’. So we’ll release patches and release more content later on so they can do that stuff. It’s going to evolve. More and more options are going to be released for you to create your own custom Warzone.

Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer details & screensLH: So how flexible is it post launch? Can you pull it all apart and rebuild it all? Or just add more options?

EB: You mean us as developers? We can do anything. We want to add more content, we want to do expansions packs, more features. Think of stuff like new weapons more abilities and classes that kind of stuff. We can do more content on the level side, more levels – we’re going to release a few map packs for that. It’s very easy to us to change or add options to the custom Warzone settings as well. So, say later on, potentially being able to switch what abilities you have per mission. If that’s something that people want? We can look into that. It would only entail a new extension on the executable so that something we can relatively easily input.

LH: How different could Shadow Fall’s multiplayer be a year after release?

EB: I’m thinking it could be very different. It depends on what people want. We really want to listen to the community and go: ‘okay, we’ve given you a really broad set of ingredients. What do people like, where do our fans want us to take it?’ Do they want more weapons? Do they want more classes, more maps; do they want more customisation options? What are those customisation options? For us it’s really about listening to what they want and building on that. We’ve got a team ready for the next 18 months to provide more content – just full-on support for Shadow Fall multiplayer.

“It’s about listening to what people want & building on that. We’ve a team ready for the
next 18 months to provide content, full-on support for just Shadow Fall multiplayer”

LH: That’s to help with the DLC and so on?

EB: Yeah the DLC, expansion packs. We also announced with the season pass that there’s going to be a co-op extension. So if you buy a season pass you get a co-op extension.

LH: Will that be playing through the main campaign?

EB: No. We don’t really want to go into details yet but it’s not playing campaign, it’s like a separate co-op mode that we’re adding. More details on that later, but it’s that kind of content that we want to make the game larger and larger. So a year from now I think you’ll have more maps more features, more modes, more customisations options, definitely.

LH: So essentially there’s a third mode on the way with co-op. An unspecified sort of Spec Ops…?

EB: There’s more on that soon. We listen to the community and a lot of people were going ‘where’s the co-op’ so that’s immediately one of the things we were like, ‘hey because we’re a launch title we had to make choices on what we ship with’. But we definitely want to support the community. There was a large outcry for co-op so, okay, we’ll do co-op. It’s that kind of dynamic we’re really looking for.