Platinum Club – our expert trophy collector forgets no pot in Remember Me

Bonjour, bienvenue and welcome to 2084’s Neo-Paris, where our memory has been almost completely erased and all we can recall is how to collect intangible awards. Thankfully, there’s no online mode to deal with in Remember Me, so you can crack straight on in single-player.

Platinum Club – Remember Me PS3 trophy guide

To save time you should start on the hardest level – Memory Hunter – as the difficulty trophies stack, and it’s not really that tough once you get the hang of the combo system. It’s worth having a read through the trophy descriptions early on, as a lot of them involve accumulating a number of specific attacks or actions that might not come naturally during a standard playthrough – and you want to snag as many as you can along the way.

mr Trophy iain wilsonSome of them take a bit of planning, such as 8-Hit Wonder. This demands you land 40 eight-hit combos, but if you load too many Power Pressens in your combo you might end up killing your enemies before you reach that final hit.

There are four different types of collectible scattered throughout the levels, and they aren’t that well hidden, so shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. You’ll need to hunt them all eventually for their associated
rewards, but it’s definitely worth getting them on your first playthrough. SAT Patches and Focus Boosts add extra slots to the health and Focus bars, and shooting Scaramechs gives you bonus Procedural Mastering Points (PMP) to unlock new combo options – all of which are handy.

Bear in mind that collectibles aren’t saved until you reach a checkpoint, so if you get killed make sure you pick them up again or they won’t register. Remixing memories is one of the most enjoyable parts of the game, and it’s a shame it only comes up a handful of times. As well as a hidden trophy for completing each remix, there’s an additional secret pot for achieving another specific outcome on each one – check a guide for the details so you don’t have to replay whole chapters to try them again.

“It shouldn’t take much longer than 15 hours to get this futuristic platinum in the bag.”

Make sure you find the combination of glitches that causes a Memory Bug by killing your target in each Remix to unlock Unbelievable Truth, as well as activating every glitch at least once for God Is A DJ. Get scratching those decks, big man. Once you reach the end of the story you’ll receive Memhunter Elite plus the other two completion rewards, at which point you can drop down to Script Kiddie difficulty (oh, the shame) and mop up any remaining trinkets.

Using the Load Episode option carries over all unlocked skills and combat stats, allowing you to make light work of any remaining challenges on your way to earning Remember You Soon. As long as you check the requirements beforehand you can wrap up most of Remember Me’s accolades in a single playthrough,
meaning it shouldn’t take much longer than 15 hours to get this futuristic platinum in the bag.