Here’s all the Beyond: Two Souls endings, and how to get them

Beyond E3 screens

Quantic Dream‘s latest contribution to interactive drama is bold, divisive and… you don’t care about that any more though, do you? You just want the trophy for seeing all the endings. Very well, here they all are. Herded up like good little narrative conclusions, waiting for you to pick holes in them. And, I mean, spoilers, obviously.

Beyond: Two Souls: All the endings and how to get them

The first order of business here is: exactly how many endings are there in Beyond: Two Souls? Well, David Cage himself reckons there are 23. We think that’s slightly generous: there are 23 possible variables that affect the final story (leaving some characters alive and others dead, for example), but we count 11 distinct finales to the story. At any rate, if you achieve all 11 of the endings we’re about to list, you’ll get that gold trophy. Let’s get to it.

The land of the living has its perks, but who could resist that seductive shade of blue?

Ending 1: Keep everyone alive, enter the Infraworld

To achieve this one, you need to make sure all the main characters make it through the game, and then while you’re standing between the real world and the Infraworld – *has panic attack remembering Mass Effect 3′s similarly colour-coded ending choice*.  Ahem, while you’re there, choose the Infraworld.

You’ll also need to do the following:

- During the Homeless chapter, rescue both Walter and Jimmy from the burning building.

- During the Navajo chapter, carry Paul to the house after the entity attacks him and switch to Aiden to heal him.

- During the Norah chapter, leave your mother alive.

- During the Black Sun chapter, run back to save Cole when he falls behind as the entities have their way with him. Heal him as Aiden. When you find Hawkins at the eye of the storm, tell him to move whenever prompted to make sure Ryan survives.

“Ryan, I want to spend my life with y-” (sees quilted vest) “You know what? Nothing. Doesn’t matter.”

Ending 2: Keep everyone alive, choose to return back to life with Ryan

Simple one, this. Do everything as above, but instead of entering the Infraworld, head to the cool, bright light of the mortal realm. When prompted to choose a life partner, go with Ryan. This ending’s separate to the version of events in which Ryan loses an eye, which is detailed in the next ending.

He’s really wearing that eye patch like he’s doing it a favour.

Ending 3: Save everyone, spend your life with one-eyed Ryan

Now it’s starting to get a bit more complex. To achieve this one, save all characters as detailed in ending one, then choose life (choose a job. Choose a family. Choose a f****ing big television.) and in the epilogue, opt to spend your life with Ryan. For this ending, Ryan will need to have had his eye gouged out in the Dragons Hideout chapter. You can make sure that happens simply by keeping shtum when your interrogators try to get information from you.

Way to act like the gracious loser there, Jay’s brother.

Ending 4: Save everyone, spend your life with Jay

As above, but choose to be with Jay instead of Ryan. No need to worry about what happens to Ryan’s peepers in the Dragons Hideout chapter in this ending.