Contrast screens: meet PS4′s new free PS Plus game

[Update: there's a trailer of Contrast in action here if you want them new moving pictures.]

Here are some¬† screens for the new free PS4¬†PS Plus game replacing Driveclub after its delay. There’s a real Jean Pierre Jeunet City Of Lost Children thing going on here for this 3D/2D puzzler as the main stars, Dawn and Didi, use their ability to enter the shadow plane to solve puzzles.

Meet PS4′s new free PS Plus game Contrast

This little indie platformer puzzler sees you using an ability to move between the real 3D world and a 2D shadow world to solve puzzles and explore. The story’s slim at the moment but focuses on Didi’s family – a caberet singer mother and an absent father. She uses the shadow shifting ability of her imaginary friend Dawn to investigate what happened in the past.