Is DriveClub’s release date delayed? Anonymous sources say “yes”, Sony say nothing

Two anonymous sources are reporting that PS4‘s Driveclub is being delayed. The game has also apparently been removed from a recent American event due to a “scheduling conflict.” Sony and Evolution Studios are so far saying nothing.

Is DriveClub delayed?

The report originated at who site, “word from an anonymous source”, that Driveclub’s release date is to be pushed back to Spring 2014. Kotaku however say, “a person familiar with goings-on at Sony” has confirmed the delay. The site also mentioned that the game was removed from the line up of an event in San Francisco with a Sony representative claiming it was due to a, “scheduling conflict”.  A direct request for information from Sony was met with the usual, “We don’t comment on rumours and speculation.”

Driveclub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky has also tweeted the following:

After Watch Dogs recent release date push, also back to Spring 2014, a delay won’t be popular if it’s true. Especially as Driveclub was being touted as the first big free PS4 PS Plus games. I’ll let you know as soon as we have something actually concrete  to report. My anomalous source says it’s time for lunch and the Haim album’s quite good. He’s rubbish.

Thanks thesamecoin, Kotaku