PS Vita 2000 unboxing & comparison videos – shape, buttons & screens put side by side

Two videos have popped up online comparing the PS Vita 2000 to the original model. The first is an un-boxing which doesn’t really have too many surprises, before moving on to show the differences between the two such as buttons and shape. Finally the screens are compared. To be honest there’s not a great deal of difference.

PS Vita 2000 unboxing & comparison videos

The PS Vita 2000 was announced at the beginning of September along with PS Vita TV. Sony are currently claiming they are no plans to release either outside of Japan but I think we both now it’s just a matter of time. In fact when I interviewed Sony’s Fegal Gara he said of Vita TV, “We’ll bring it into one market initially and see how consumers feel about it”, suggesting it’ll be heading our way eventually.

So what do you think? Good cost cutting decissions by Sony? Does it make the Vita something you’re more likely to get as a PS4 companion or on it’s own?

Thanks AGB.