How to… fix corrupted PS3 files

how to fix currupted PS3 files

The problem

Corruption. When data goes bad, it can’t always be deleted via the XMB – and that’s where the Doc comes in. Admit it, you turned off the PS3 while the save icon appeared for kicks. Here’s how to remove or fix corrupted data and files on your PlayStation 3′s hard drive.

How to… fix corrupted PS3 files:


how to fix corrupted ps3 dataStep 1 – Locate the corrupted data

Think of your PlayStation 3 as a TV cop drama, and your corrupted data as the bent lieutenant who’s been siphoning meth out of the evidence room and reassigning any enterprising young officers who get too close to his skulduggery. Naturally the first thing to do is get all internal affairs on your console and pinpoint exactly where the corruption lies: is it in your trophy data, your game data, or – the equivalent of finding out said lieutenant is also doing your wife – your saved-game data? You can find out by browsing each file folder on your XMB and looking for the corrupted data icon: a greyed-out file with a jagged line through it. Depending on where it lies, you’ll need to plan your attack differently. Fixing trophy data is a cinch; sorting out corrupted saves might require a data backup and system restore.

how to fix corrupted PS3 files and dataStep 2 – Back up your precious files

Later on you’re going to be using Safe mode and, if necessary, wiping the console’s HDD clean, so first you need to make a safe copy of all the data you want to keep. To do this, you’ll need an external HDD, a flash drive, or an SD card – make sure whatever you opt for is formatted to FAT32 and has enough space to hold all your data. You can do this in three ways. One, by using the backup utility in your XMB’s system settings, which will copy everything but your trophy data (that’s tied to your PSN account) and game data from PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 titles. The next method is to pick out your files manually, hit the triangle button with them selected, and copy them to your device. Or, if you’re a PS Plus subscriber, you can send all your precious data files to the cloud. Easy.

how to fix coprrupted PS3 data and filesStep 3 – Fix or flush corrupted data in Safe Mode

It’s about to get real, corrupt files. Let’s start with trophy data. If this is where your botched file lies, the solution is easy. Simply delete your user account from the XMB, create a new one and then reload your trophies from your PSN account. Bosh! If the problem is game data or saves, it’s time to enter Safe mode. It’s accessed by first pressing and holding the power button so that the PS3 powers up, beeps three times, and then powers down. Release the power button, then press and hold it again until the console beeps four times. You’ll see the Safe mode menu and need to select ‘restore file system’. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to ‘restore PS3 system’. This will wipe your hard drive completely, ridding you of broken files.

Note: OPM cannot be held responsible if the advice here affects your PS3 in any way.

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