PS4′s The Dark Sorcerer created using Beyond’s engine. “The minimum quality you can get on the console”, says Cage

The dark sorcerer PS4 demo

Here’s an interesting bit of news about Quantic Dream’s PS4 Dark Sorcerer demo. According to David Cage it was created using the Beyond: Two Souls engine and represents “minimum quality” you can get on the machine.

PS4′s The Dark Sorcerer created using Beyond’s engine

Cage says The Dark Sorcerer was, “basically Beyond’s engine”. He goes on to add, “Some people were really impressed but this is just the beginning, it’s the minimum quality you can get on the console”. Apparently the tech demo was, “done with a very small team, a very small amount of time and small resources”. The results, however, have been encouraging to the director: “We were so excited with what we could achieve. Now we have a full team and we hope to make something really impressive.”

The flow of tech goes both ways as well. “We were pretty happy with the Heavy Rain engine but we thought we could go further,” says Cage talking about Beyond. “So we started everything from scratch and developed this new engine which was inspired by what we discovered on PlayStation 4″. That means you actually get some PlayStation 4 magic on PS3 including: “New special effects engine, new animation engine, new performance capture,” and, most importantly, new lighting… stuff. Dave? “This is actually something that comes from the PS4. It’s called physically based shading, which means that the different materials have different ways of reflecting light”. Effectively it makes different materials react to light in different ways. The example given being wood, iron or plastic reflecting in different and more realistic ways. So there you go. If you’ve played Beyond you’ve already had a little go on PS4. Sort of.

Thanks Techradar.