GTA Online apartment & garage guide – prices, car capacity & views

There are around 60 apartments and garages you can buy in GTA Online. Here’s our guide to all of them – including cost, car capacity, location and views. You’re looking a minimum $80,000 spend for a 2 car place in Los Santos and around $25,000 for a plain two car garage.

GTA Online apartment & garage buying guide

Of course Rockstar’s recent $500,000 ‘sorry’ for GTA Online’s issues means you can go straight out and buy anyone of the upcoming flats but that might not be the best use of your cash.

One thing to be aware of is that paying through the nose doesn’t always get you more. GTA Online’s properties are largely split into three tiers – low, mid and top. While there are obvious differences between these three groupings – things like the TV you get, garage size and general décor – the actual difference between a $200,000 and $400,000 high end pad might not warrant the extra outlay. The main thing you seem to be paying for are better views, with the most expensive flats generally being penthouses with full panoramas of the entire city.

The shots here are from the $80, 000 Apt. 13 at 0112 Rockford Drive in West Los Santos. For that cash you basically get a roof and a 2 car garage. It’s functional but not much else. However, it all depend on how much you’re actually going to use the thing. If you’re going to spend all your game time raising hell  rather than showing off pretend accommodation it might well be all you need.

GTA Online low tier apartments

  • 0112 S Rockford Dr, Apt 13 Rockford Hills, Los Santos, $80,000, 2 car garage
  • 2057 Vespucci Blvd, Apt 1 Little Seoul, Los Santos, $87,000, 2 car garage
  • 1115 Blvd Del Perro Del Perro, Los Santos, $93,000, 2 car garage
  • 1561 San Vitas St, Apt 2 West Vinewood, Los Santos, $99,000, 2 car garage
  • 1237 Prosperity St, Apt 21 Morningwood, Los Santos, $105,000, 2 car garage

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