New Killzone Shadow Fall video shows huge visual improvements on E3 build

Some new Killzone: Shadow Fall footage has slipped out of an event in Russia over the weekend and even though it’s an off screen cam it’s looking a-mazing. There are some significant visual flourishes that have been added since Guerilla Games and Sony showed it off last.

New Killzone Shadow Fall video shows visual upgrade

The new footage turned up on NeoGAF where user SniperHunter posts the following improvements:

  • All lod [level of detail] problems have been fixed – no more pop ups!
  • They have added moving mist to the level -looks rad
  • They have added God rays to the level. All the trees are casting God rays
  • It has screen tearing but the frame rate is solid
  • Depth of field is back and they have added object based blur
  • Particle effects seem lacking compared to the latest multiplayer footage

What do you think, big improvement or barely noticable? There were rumours the original Killzone Shadow Fall d├ębut build was shown using early PS4 dev kits that only had 2 of the eventual 8 GB of RAM. If that is indeed the case then Guerilla has found plenty to spend the extra memory on.

Here’s a previous video of the same area from E3 for comparison:

Source: NeoGAF.