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Step 3: Getting the most money from heists

Most of the decisions you make in GTA 5′s heist planning actually play out predetermined options. Picking certain crew members more or less guarantees certain outcomes so you can actually maximise your take by making specific choices. Going for cheaper people can, in some cases, reduce the cut you give up with almost no noticeable change in success.

The jewel store heist

Use option B, the ‘smart’ approach and this crew:

  • Hacker – Rickie Lukens (he’ll give you all the time you need to strip the store).
  • Gunman – Packie Mcreary (unlocked from a random mission near Franklin’s house. His performance is as good as the more expensive options but takes a smaller cut. Don’t get Norm Richards as he’ll crash and loose his take.)
  • Driver – Karim Denz (cheaper but will make the escape harder as he gets the wrong bikes).

The Merryweather Heist

You make no actual money here so it doesn’t really matter what you do.

The Paleto Score

There’s no best approach here as far as final cut goes. Assuming you used Packie last time then get him along again as he’ll have a slight stat boost and still be cheap. Also choose Chef over Mota as you’ll get an equivalent performance for less money. Norm Richards or Daryl Johns will get killed mid-mission and lose their part of the take.

The Bureau Raid

Choose the roof entry option here and this crew:

  • Hacker – Rickie Lukens
  • Gunman – Norm Richards
  • Driver – Taliana Martinez or Karim Denz

The Union Depository

Take the ‘obvious’ approach here, option B, which will net you a higher take overall, and use this crew:

  • Driver / helicopter – Taliana Martinez,
  • Driver / Train – Karim Denz,
  • Gunman x 2 – The cheapest you have. They affect neither the income or the outcome of the mission.

Again you’re hiring people who do a good enough job without taking more money.

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