GTA 5 – how to make money on the stock market with Lester’s missions

Depending on how you play it’s possible to make over 2 billion playing on the stock market in GTA 5 with Lester’s missions. This guide requires that you’ve finished the main story so there are going to be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

1 The day to day basics

This guide will require that you play through the game and finish the story before starting the remaining non-essential Lester missions (the Lifeinvader and Hotel assassinations must be completed as part of the plot). However you can still take a risk and try making some cash on the side if you pay attention to trends and behaviours in stock market fluctuations. If you’re lucky you can boost your final cash reserve to invest at the end. Bear in mind the stock market begins trading at 8am every day so keep an eye on the time when trading, sleeping if you want to advance.

GTA 5 stock marketAssuming you do nothing in-game to affect a  company, most stocks and shares follow a patten of peaks and troughs. Usually a price will hit a low before entering a rebound phase – rising and entering a brief window of prosperity before dropping again.

Reading these ups and downs is a good way to predict trends and the best times to ‘buy low, sell high’. The key thing is to watch things like previous peaks and times of day or week when things change so you’re not still invested if the price dips.

However there are exceptions. For example some share prices fluctuate so uniformly and regularly that investment rarely yields a satisfactory return. You might not lose any money but you won’t make enough to warrant the effort.  Check the ‘% change’ in the stock information to see what the shares are doing. If a company regular changes by a small amount it’s not worth it. This can also help you predict when a rebound peak is due to end – the % change will be high initially as the shares grow, then the percentage decreases as the growth slows, indicating that a plateau is coming and you should sell before the prices fall.

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