ShopTo says PS4 games cost £59.99

Retail site ShopTo is claiming PS4 games will cost £59.99. Or at least that’s the RRP, matching the UK price of PlayStation 4 games previously announced by EA. The site also has the price of pads and the PS4 camera (matching previous figures) as well as the Docking/charging station for the DualShock 4.

ShopTo says PS4 games cost £59.99

Here’s the full list, it’s worth noting that there’s no source at all, just that it’s “been revealed”:

Dual Shock 4 SRP £54.99
Camera – SRP £54.99
Knack – SRP £54.99
DriveClub SRP £59.99
Killzone – SRP £59.99
PS4 Stand SRP £15.99
Charging Unit – SRP £24.99

Thanks ShopTo.

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