The ultimate PS3 DLC guide – the best, worst, cheapest, biggest stuff PSN has to offer

Best value DLC: Dishonored Dunwall City Trials

It’s impressive just how much dishonour £3.99 can get you if you look in the right place on PS3. Dishonored’s Dunwall City Trials expands on our 2012 Game Of The Year with a generous fist of ten challenge maps inspired by the very best of this mesmerising stealth actioner. And while it’s a little disappointing (albeit understandable) that there’s not more of Dishonored’s stellar storytelling to lap up, the trials, divided into four categories – Stealth, Combat, Puzzle and Mobility – are well-crafted, inventive and amazing value. Highlight? We’ve got a soft spot for Mystery Foe, in which you’re tasked with navigating around a mansion filled with guests and guards, unravelling clues to identify and take out your randomly generated target.

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